Andromeda Fedorova Emelianenka

Member of Protection


by Lawman


  • Prowess Apprentice
  • Endurance Apprentice
  • Mind Untrained
  • Grace Apprentice
  • Strength Apprentice

Being descended from the mythical Amazons and well aware of the fact, the first thing about Andromeda that tends to be evident about the girl is the pride and confidence with which she carries herself around. This has a tendency to make her somewhat rough around the edges, due to a combination of her upbringing as a warrior and her pride in her Amazonian heritage, Andromeda feels herself to be part of a proud elite, which gives the girl a feeling of superiority which she often rubs in the face of others. Generally, if one doesn't display exceptional abilities as a warrior or scholar, they are generally not worth her time - which can make Andromeda a rather distant-seeming person that is hard to approach, or maintain an extended conversation with. However, Andromeda easily recognizes when someone is her equal or superior when one presents himself or herself, and is easily won over by displays of courage, ingenuity or exceptional kindness. Or in short, she can seem to be somewhat of an inapproachable jerk at a first glance, but can in fact be won over rather easily.

As a proud young warrior with a strong sense of honor, Andromeda has an almost black-and-white view of morality - respecting values such as honesty, courage and openness; while generally having little patience towards those who display cowardice, indecisiveness or treachery. This tends to make the girl an open and direct individual who is fiercely loyal and dedicated towards those who manage to win her respect, upon which she tends to build her friendships. But on the downside, subtlety isn't Andromeda's strong suit, which is quite an understatement. Being one who has more pride and guts than brains, Andromeda has a tendency to approach problems fist-first and ask questions later, which tends to work against her more often than she'd care to admit. In addition, her black-and-white outlook tends to make her socially inflexible, not being able to comprehend concepts like white lies, which presents additional barriers in her social ability.

Born to an unlikely couple of a Greek physician for a mother and a Russian mixed martial artist/sambo instructor for a father, Andromeda's parents first knew each other when the latter had his ankle injury treated by the former when he was participating in a MMA tournament that was being held in Greece, some three years before Andromeda was born. Due to her mixed heritage, the girl's parents decided to give her a first name of Greek origin - Andromeda, which meant "the ruler of men" in Greek, named after the princess from Greek mythology, while keeping her Russian last name and patronymic name. But little would Andromeda's father know, that his daughter and her mother would indeed have ties to Greek mythology.

As it would turn out, that Andromeda's mother is a descendant of the Amazons, the fabled warrior women from Greek myths, long since thought of as nothing more than a myth, although unknown to the books of history, it would turn out that the nation of warrior women did exist in the days of Classical Antiquity, but due to the loss of any coherent historical records on the existence of the Amazons, they would come to be relegated as stuff of myths and legends, like everything else that had existed in the bygone Age of Mythology, such as monsters, gods and magic.

Based on popular speculation, it would be theorized that the Amazonian nation itself gradually dissolved following the decline of the ancient Hellenic states, but far from becoming extinct, the Amazons themselves scattered to various corners of the world after the end of the Age of Mythology, assimilating themselves into the female population of successor states in the region, and over time their descendants would find themselves in various parts of the world, their lineage being passed on as they had in the ancient myths, with the way of the Amazons being passed down from mother to daughter.

Due to Andromeda's Amazonian heritage, as dictated by Amazonian customs she would find herself being separated from her non-Amazon relatives shortly after her birth, being taken to the ancestral homeland of the Amazons; Themiscyra - which didn't decline, but rather was hidden away from the rest of the world during the end of the Age of Mythology via a powerful dimensional-displacement spell cast by the combined effort of several Olympians under the direction of Zeus - with previously-scattered descendants of the Amazons now returning to their ancestral land to take residence and reestablish their presence on the world scene. It was there that Andromeda would be placed under the care and tutelage of her fellow Amazons, who would proceed to train and educate the girl in the ways of the Amazons.

Shortly after her 16th birthday, it would be decided by Andromeda's mother and her fellow Amazonian instructors that the fledging warrior has learned everything she needed to learn in the ways of the Amazon, and from there further training to complete her initiation as a warrior would mean having to find a place to apply the basics of what she'd learned in her time in Themiscyra. And so it would come to be, after nearly a decade that Andromeda would once again set foot into the outside world beyond Themiscyra's borders, and fate would arrange that she would find one place where she could begin the next phase of her initiation into becoming an Amazon Warrior.



Martial Arts - Apprentice

Named after a sporting event in Ancient Greece, dating as far back to 648 BC. In Greek language it literally meant "All-power", and is a combination of boxing and wrestling with little to no rules. Over time the name became used as a form of martial arts practiced in Greece. Following in its historical roots, Pankration is a well-rounded martial arts form the encompasses striking and grappling techniques, and fighting in all positions, be it standing, clinching or on the ground. The moves used in Pankration bore many similarities to MMA, and is stated to be an influence on the sport that is modern-day mixed martial arts. Being trained as an Amazon warrior, Andromeda practices a form of Pankration that is more designed for combat rather than sports competitions, and as such while it encompasses the full range of Pankration's moves, it places a strong emphasis on the notion that no quarter will be given on the battlefield, and generally encourages breaking of joints instead of simple pain compliance, and strikes meant to debilitate, stun or kill outright.

Blessing of Ares

Transformation - Journeyman

Thanks to completing her basic training, Andromeda has earned the approval of Ares, who has granted the Amazon with a boon that aids her in combat. Andromeda can invoke the name of Ares to bestow his favor upon his worshiper to enhance her fighting ability, spending one post to offer a prayer to Ares and to call upon the deity for his blessings. A glowing circle will appear beneath Andromeda's feet as a layer of liquid bronze covers her body and anything that she is currently wearing, giving her the appearance of an animated bronze statue, bestowing her with a magical armor. While her armor is activated Andromeda gains a substantial improvement in her physical durability and might, becoming capable of withstanding mundane blades and bludgeoning weapons that aren't being swung with superhuman strength, even considerable resistance to small-arms fire and low-yield explosives. Sufficiently powerful attacks are however capable of piercing her defenses, although a point to note that as long as her armor is active Andromeda's body has properties more akin to that of a golem than a human, meaning she can keep fighting even with damage to vital organs and such. At the end of her transformation however, any damage sustained to her armored form will translate into her flesh-and-blood body, hence suffering severe damage in her armored form will require immediate medical attention the moment she reverts back since the damages will translate into life-threatening injuries.


Eldritch Energy - Untrained
RangedSeeking Attack

A gift to Andromeda, forged by Amazonian priestesses in service of Hephaestus, the Star Sword is an enchanted weapon that manifests itself as a falcata (Greek sword with a forward-curving edge) with a blade composed of solid light, appearing as a translucent green blade that glows softly. When used as a melee weapon it functions no differently from a well-crafted falcata forged from iron, and when thrown the sword transforms into a crescent-shaped bolt of green eldritch energy that homes in on the nearest target to strike them, before reappearing in Andromeda's hand in its sword form. When not in use, the weapon is stored away in a hyperspace until it's summoned by its owner.

Combat Instincts

Danger Sense - Untrained

Raised from birth as warriors, a vital part of an Amazon's journey from youngling to warrior is to train their survival instincts. From the time they were inducted on the grounds of Themiscyra, they are trained to prepare for ambushes when they least expect it, with their seniors often staging fake ambushes just before or after training lessons, in the baths, before bedtime - pretty much anytime, anywhere. As a result of this training routine, Amazons have developed a sort of "sixth sense" whereby they have a limited precognition towards incoming attacks, and Andromeda is no exception, often reacting to imminent threats a fraction of a second beforehand.

Fight Record

  • REMOVED FROM SYSTEM won a victory over REMOVED FROM SYSTEM in the Cage Arena