Story: Origin overseen by S.C.Justice

In The Beginning by 2020-06-09 00:25:12

Come children, gather and sit. I will tell you a tale of where the world came from.

In the beginning there sat a world where all other worlds overlapped. This world was not our world; our world did not yet exist. Yet from this world the seeds of ours was created, and planted. If anyone recalls the name of this world, I have never heard it spoken.

This world grew old, and broken, and finally it died. In its place was a formless void. Remnants of this void remain far from this city, beyond the suburbs, beyond the fields and farms, past the mountains and over the oceans. Do not seek to go there, thoug

Story: Oh Mycology! overseen by Ivan

Evoke Less Fear by 2020-05-16 01:23:42

“Technically speaking…” is considered a terrible way to enter a negotiation, but that is what she chooses. We are in the habit of listening. We listen to remember, and try to hold on to what we do not understand. We remember so we may ask later. The others, they are dismissive. They listen as a point of protocol. They ask questions, too. They are dissatisfied with the answers they receive. They are not asking to learn.

“We found it in the others, too, in the spine and in what was left of their brains. Like evil… mushrooms.”

We are not a mushroom. Sh