the last dragon master

Member of Protection


by Drake


  • Prowess Journeyman
  • Endurance Journeyman
  • Mind Apprentice
  • Grace Apprentice
  • Strength Untrained

a young kid once found a portal to a sunken island that was filled with dragons unicorns and all sorts mystical creatures and stared to learn how to tame dragons and with those dragons he stopped crime.

just a normally kid til he found the portal or was he no just a normally kid


dragons breath

Creation - Journeyman
RangedArea of EffectMulti AttackSeeking Attack

my flock of small dragons breath thier fire ice and other elements on my enemys

healing ray

Healing - Apprentice
RangedArea of Effect

abily to heal his dragons and himself though does take a while

dragon steel sowrd

Piercing Weapon - Untrained

abily to burn the enemy and cut the enemy so that my poisen dragons can use thier dragons breath on my enemys

Fight Record

  • Steve, a Penguin won a victory over the last dragon master in the Desert
  • Redux won a victory over the last dragon master in the City Streets
  • the last dragon master won a victory over Redux in the Cage Arena