0.3.1 Patchnotes

by S.C.Justice -- 2020-06-24

Nothing fancy this update. A number of bugs squashed and a few QOL improvements mostly to UI. Working on bigger things, but this is what is ready.


Fixed a bug that prevented characters from being eliminated.

Fixed a display bug in the story module.

Fixed a bug where deleting a character from the database was leaving orphaned reviews.

Script that removes abandoned characters during creation now also removes characters that were rejected by admins (using the same time from submission).

Added link to character sheet from player utilities.

Improved messaging for character reviews, including results of the review for accepted characters not just denied characters, as well as better messaging to the discord server.

Added a display of how many character slots you have out of how many total you have to the player utilities.

Pulling system messages from database now to make it easier to update them.