0.3.2 Patchnotes

by S.C.Justice -- 2020-07-08

Fixed a corner case zero division error, and tweaked the code for the ME queue so that it should be fully operational. I guess we'll find that out for sure when we get there. In more exciting news character achievements have been added, some of which might be exceptionally hard to achieve so they might be hidden for a while. I look forward to seeing the first character to earn them! Since it is a collaborate setting I've added a system which allows character to seek official endorsement as canon. This is a selection that can be made in the player utilities. Once you select that you are seeking canonization it can not be undone, and there will be button at the bottom of the character sheet. If a character receives 5 endorsements from other players, congratulations, that character is now considered canon in the IC universe.

Fixed a bug that could cause a zero division error in the edge case that a character received zero votes.

Tweaked code for the ME queue system. IT should work now. WSS.

Added character achievements

Added canonization for a character (officially recognized as IC canon).