0.3.4 Patch notes

by S.C.Justice -- 2021-09-08

0.3.4 Number of smaller changes, and changes focused on easing administrator tasks.

Fixed a possible unhandled exception in the review reports page.

Foundation for fight announcers.

[X-CLACKS-OVERHEAD] header added to all controllers. (GNU Terry Pratchett)

Fights can be set up automatically by the system.

Some improved error logging.

Fixed bug in character model not checking of a character can die (be permanently eliminated)

Minor optimizations in several routines.

Footer block added to the master template.

Changed a naming & order convention in the Character Creator for background & personality/description.

Foundation laid for site supplied character portraits.

Some spelling errors/types fixed (in code and in site content).

Fixed error in review report page.

Fixed error on character fight history.

Fight results now being transmitted to the discord server.

Fixed a bug with ELIMINATED status

Some improvements to displays, mostly in Admin panel.